Quebec Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell reacted today to the Marois government's decision to go ahead with hydraulic fracturing on Anticosti Island. "We categorically oppose this decision," said Mr. Tyrrell.

"Despite the fact that the Parti Québécois campaigned on the promise of a moratorium on shale gas, it's going ahead with hydraulic fracturing. The difference? Anticosti Island is sparsely populated. The government is abandoning it to oil development," he added. This island, which is larger than Prince Edward Island, will now become a haven for the big oil companies.

The fact that Quebec's largest island has a population of less than 250 makes absolutely no difference in terms of environmental impact. "Hydraulic fracturing is a technology that has already poisoned thousands of drinking water wells and water tables around the world," recalled the Green Party leader. In the next election, the PVQ will present a team of candidates with integrity, who will participate in the political debate across Quebec and hold Madame Marois accountable for her devastating actions for Quebec. Together, we will stop this insane development plan.

Information: Stephanie Stevenson 514 233 5191


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