Green Party Leader speaks out on the plight of our health care system


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, spoke this Friday in Montreal in front of the Lakeshore General Hospital to take a stand on an issue that is important to the DMP, the whole situation related to our health care system. In the last 8 years, the disastrous Barrette reforms and the COVID pandemic have exposed the critical situation in which the province’s nurses and attendants and the province’s hospitals find themselves. Many Quebecers are concerned about the state of our health care system and the party shares these concerns. The Green Party of Quebec believes it is time to recognize the problems of health care professionals and take action.

Accompanied by Virginie Beaudet, candidate in Jacques-Cartier, Alex Tyrrel, leader of the party, spoke specifically about the critical situation of the Lakeshore General Hospital, whose capacity is very regularly overloaded and has even reached, on a few occasions during the summer, a capacity of 180%. “The Green Party of Quebec is making a health point here at this hospital, where I and members of my family have been treated here in the past. There are truly exceptional staff, but they don’t have the resources to provide quality health care and are not able to provide what the population needs when they are overloaded or when they are on mandatory overtime,” said Alex Tyrrell in his speech.

For the Green Party of Quebec, health care is a front-line issue. It is important to ensure that everyone has access to quality services. The Green Party of Quebec is proposing to relieve emergency room overcrowding with walk-in clinics and to recruit more staff. A Green government will increase the capacity of the system by training and hiring more staff and improving the working conditions of nurses and attendants. The DMP also wants to increase salaries for these professions significantly, reduce the length of shifts, while giving nurses more flexibility. “With all the wealth we have in Quebec, we have all the means to have a quality public health care system, where people can have access when they need it. We need to have local services, accessible services and that is why the PVQ supports the public health system and access to care, here in the West Island, but also throughout Quebec,” said Alex Tyrrell.


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