Ministry of Efficiency: Alex Tyrrell and Malik Guelmi present the GPQ's ambitious policy


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, spoke this Sunday in Montreal to introduce Malik Guelmi, the Green Party's official candidate for the 2022 provincial election in the riding of Mont-Royal-Outremont. Together, they publicly presented the Green Party's proposal to improve all services of Quebec's public institutions. Aware of the many shortcomings in the various branches of our public systems and concerned about the concerns of many Quebecers, the Green Party of Quebec wishes to establish a new ministry, the Ministry of Efficiency, with the objective of improving the efficiency of all branches of the public administration. The public administration is facing many challenges regarding its lack of efficiency and the GPQ believes it is high time to recognize these problems and take concrete action. They also took the opportunity to take a stand on the recycling industry.

The Green Party of Quebec has developed an ambitious policy in its 2022 platform to create a new ministry, the Ministry of Efficiency. Whether in our health care system, our education system or elsewhere, the bureaucracy is often slow and the process too cumbersome and costly. This ministry will aim to bring techniques and strategies from the entrepreneurial world and integrate them into the public system to improve efficiency and accessibility of care to address the health care system. This will also increase the productivity of the public system without resorting to privatization, which necessarily involves the payment of profits on illness to large medical companies, and make the transition to a more efficient system that will be able to solve many problems. With this Ministry of Efficiency, which will be headed by the Green Party of Quebec, better tools will be implemented for the public health system and to provide better care to the citizens of Quebec who deserve accessible care.

"The Green Party of Quebec wants to improve the efficiency of the public system by creating this new department whose objective will be to investigate and see where improvements can be made, where bureaucracy can be reduced and how to make things more efficient. There is a lot of bureaucracy in hospitals and in the health system, and the Green Party believes that this money should be spent on the front line, on nurses, on doctors and on increasing the capacity of the public health system. The Green Party of Quebec says no to privatization. We can preserve the public health care system and this is one of the party's main commitments in this election," said Alex Tyrrell, party leader.


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