The PVQ opposes construction of the Lomiko graphite mine in the Papineau RCM


    Local candidates and Quebec Green Party Leader Alex Tyrrell met with Claude Bouffard of the RPLPN, as well as Lac-des-Plages Mayor Richard Jean and Councillor Gilles Charest, to hear their concerns about the potential arrival of an open-pit graphite mega-mine in their municipality. Deeply concerned about the region's future in the face of a mining boom, the Green Party of Quebec is taking a stand against the construction of the Lomiko mine.

    "This mine will have devastating and catastrophic effects on biodiversity, on water and air pollution, and on the industrialization of a magnificent region with a recreational and tourist area. Everyone here is opposed, including the 25 municipalities of the Papineau MRC. Citizens are mobilized to say no to the project, to protect their living environment, their homes and the environment. If this huge open-pit mining project, located between two lakes, goes ahead, the region will never be the same again. The water will be polluted, the air will be filled with dust, the roads will be destroyed by industrial trucking and no one will want to live here anymore," said Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell, who has lived in the area since childhood. He adds that "not only is the Green Party opposed to this project, but our electoral platform, the New Green Plan, aims to give all Quebec municipalities veto power over mining activity, pipeline crossings and development projects they deem not to be in their interests. With the entire MRC opposed, the Quebec government has no legitimacy to authorize the project. The area is incompatible with mining activity."

    The Parti Vert du Québec supports the Regroupement de protection des lacs de la Petite-Nation (RPLPN) and considers that such pressure on municipalities is intolerable, and wishes to increase the powers of municipalities. The PVQ believes in strong local communities, with control over their development, and the right to say NO to economic development projects. The decentralization of power will enable municipalities to ensure their own development, while respecting their environment and their interests, and respecting their values. "It makes no sense for municipalities to fight to protect their resources and territory, only to be turned down by the Quebec government," said Alex Tyrrell.

    The day before his visit to Lac-des-Plages, Mr. Tyrrell made a statement in front of Mont Rigaud where, once again, the MRC is strongly opposed to a mining project because of the significant ecological impacts, but is being refused by the Legault government to designate the site incompatible with the mining industry.

    The Green Party leader was also accompanied by local candidate in the Papineau riding, Mélissa Arbour, as well as Luis Alvarez and Karine Steinberger, Green Party candidates in Argenteuil and Bertrand, who are also opposed to the Lomiko mine, which is of concern to Quebecers from all walks of life.


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