Alex Tyrrell participates in the Chamber of Commerce debate in Granby

I was pleased to discuss the economy, immigration and business with Transport Minister François Bonnardel and the other candidates in Granby this evening at the Chamber of Commerce.
During the debate, I was able to explain the Green Party of Quebec's innovative housing policy, the need to raise the minimum wage, to increase the number of immigrants we accept in Quebec, as well as our vision to improve the healthcare system, and to build a more inclusive Quebec while giving people the tools they need to cope with record inflation, including a minimum wage of 20 $.
I was also able to ask the Minister of Transport about the lack of investment in public transit and the need to make public transit free for the environment but also as a way to help people balance their budgets and encourage them to work and save money rather than make car payments with their hard-earned cash.
There was an interesting moment when I asked the Liberal candidate how she could justify a tax cut for people earning 90,000 $ a year, at a time when our healthcare system is failing and the environment needs massive investment. She replied with an insult telling me I should "read their platform" and that they were investing in the environment. The fact is, I did read their platform; their environmental priorities are misplaced, their tax cuts are clearly identified and highly irresponsible (which is what I told him) at a time when we need to be spending significant amounts of money to fix health care and take care of the environment.
I love debates! And I'll be taking part in another debate at Dawson College with two other party leaders tomorrow afternoon.
Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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