The Green Party Tackles Online Shopping Waste


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, as well as Vincent Aquin-Belleau, candidate in Marie-Victorin, spoke this Monday in Longueuil, to present the position on the waste of online commerce. With e-commerce booming, the Green Party of Quebec wants to tackle the over-packaging of products delivered, especially by e-commerce giants.

The Green Party of Quebec wants to impose a tax based on the weight of the packaging to push private companies to reduce as much as possible the unnecessary packaging found in their products and regulate the maximum percentage of empty space allowed in a product’s packaging. The GPQ also wants to require companies operating in Quebec to send products together and not in multiple boxes or orders, and to mandate the use of biodegradable packaging materials, including the protective cushions that are usually put in packages. In addition to all these measures, the Green Party believes it is necessary to apply the QST on all online shopping platforms.

The Green Party of Quebec also proposes to modernize Canada Post to allow stores to store their products directly in the Canada Post warehouse to allow small businesses to access the logistics of ultra-fast online commerce and compete with large distribution companies such as Amazon. It will also standardize packaging methods to reduce unnecessary waste more efficiently.


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