The Green Party calls for FREE public transit


    The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, Jean-Pierre Duford, candidate in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne, and Nadim Saikali, candidate in Verchères, spoke about public transport in Montreal on Wednesday. The Green Party of Quebec is calling for free public transport throughout the province. 

    The Green Party of Quebec is proposing to make public transit faster, more comfortable, more efficient and more affordable than private automobiles. To achieve this, the party is proposing massive network expansion combined with free fares. Free public transit will be a major financial lever to boost ridership. This increase in ridership will enable transport companies to increase the frequency of services, improving speed and efficiency. This shift towards public transport will benefit all Quebecers, who will be able to breathe cleaner air, waste less time in traffic jams, save on vehicle purchase and maintenance costs, and do their bit to combat climate change. The company's shift will be financed mainly by a carbon tax on gasoline, as well as measures to discourage the purchase of gas-guzzling vehicles.

    "At the Green Party of Quebec, we support totally free public transport across Quebec, including the metro, buses and intercity transport between cities. We believe that by making public transit free, we'll really encourage people to make the leap from private vehicles to more environmentally-friendly choices. It's often said that the environment will have an impact on people's lifestyles, but we don't want to impose a tax, for example, we want to make public transit free as an incentive to help people take the plunge.

    It's good to see that after 10 years of campaigning for public transit in provincial politics, almost all the parties are talking about reducing transit costs a little. These are steps in the right direction, but they lack vision. How can the other parties claim to be environmentalists when they don't dare to make the most basic effort, which is to make public transit free throughout Quebec? It's something that would cost less than 2 billion, which isn't much compared to the road budget," declared Alex Tyrrell during his speech. 


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