Quebec Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell denounces the treatment of the Chinese community and calls for solidarity and mutual understanding.

In a strong statement, Alex Tyrrell, leader of Quebec's Green Party, joined the growing number of voices condemning the treatment of the Chinese community in Quebec and across Canada. In particular, he deplored the serious consequences of unproven allegations made by the media and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) against Chinese-Canadian community centers.

According to the allegations, these centers, which provide community and social services, were supposed to be Chinese police stations. These unsubstantiated accusations had far-reaching repercussions, resulting in the Quebec government withdrawing funding from two Chinese-Canadian community centers.

Alex Tyrrell pointed out that these unfounded allegations have fuelled ignorance, hatred and paranoia towards the Chinese-Canadian community and the Chinese government. He also criticized the Canadian media and government, deploring their growing phobia towards the Chinese. He also pointed out that the United States and Canada are stepping up their hateful and confrontational rhetoric towards China and its government.

Alex Tyrrell warned of the economic consequences of a deterioration in Sino-Canadian relations, pointing out that Canada depends on Chinese products and that strained relations would lead to high inflation on everyday products for ordinary Canadians.

The leader of Quebec's Green Party also expressed his opposition to any Canadian involvement in a possible military confrontation with China over Taiwanese independence. In his view, the anti-Chinese hatred, paranoia and discrimination promoted by the Canadian government and media only fuels escalation and violence.

On behalf of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell called on the Quebec government to immediately and retroactively restore funding to the affected community centers, while apologizing to the Chinese community. He also called on the Canadian government to stop its repeated attacks on Chinese Canadians and the Chinese government, stressing that anti-Chinese hatred must stop now.

Alex Tyrrell's message concludes with a declaration of solidarity with the Chinese-Canadian community and a call to reject hatred, discrimination, war and racism.


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