Karine Steinberger spokesperson for biodiversity and wildlife


Karine Steinberger has been in politics since 2022, with the aim of taking things a step further than her individual actions, participating in ideological debates and finding appropriate, sustainable environmental solutions. She decided to join the Quebec Green Partysince it's the only political party that matches its environmental and ecological values.

 Born in Montreal and having lived on the island's South Shore, Karine has now been living in the Bertrand riding of St-Adèle for 10 years. With a DEC in fashion design from Cégep Marie-Victorin, she also studied family microagriculture and plant healing. For 12 years, she worked for Cirque du Soleil As a costume designer, she has run a touring show production company, exhibited artworks and currently works as a freelance tattoo artist with her own tattoo studio. The many big projects motivate her and provide her with a variety of experiences. Nature is what she loves most and she wants to protect it in a sustainable way for present and future generations. In her spare time, Karine enjoys gardening, cooking, swimming in lakes, hiking in the mountains and discovering landscapes by bike. She is also very involved in animal and nature conservation organizations. 

For over 5 years, she has been transforming her lifestyle to reduce waste and CO2 consumption, and to eat vegan, organic and local produce. She cultivates her own vegetable garden to achieve greater food autonomy. Even her work as a tattoo artist is differentiated, other than by her creativity, by her concern to use vegan materials that are 90% petroleum-free, biodegradable and compostable, while respecting the hygienic rules of her trade.For Karine, the human à the power to change things. She would like to see more self-help communities. That's why she likes to debate with others and look for concrete solutions with those around her. For her, it's essential to get people to learn more about subjects that aren't necessarily covered by the media for the most part. inspire to find solutions and take action, all working together towards the same goals.

Karine wants to remedy three major issues in Quebec: the protection of biodiversity, agriculture and the management of land filled with coveted natural resources. In particular, she wants to create more protected areas, improve land management in Quebec and improve the condition of animals. Karine would like to work with regional residents to find solutions to reduce urban sprawl in our beautiful forests. She also wants to address issues such as the mining boom, the desire for new hydroelectric construction and the sprawl of the forest industry, both in our protected areas, parks, reserves and remote territories, as well as in residential and resort areas. She wants to include more First Nations in the protection of biodiversity.

For Ms Steinberger, it's important to keep pushing ahead with ecological improvement, even outside election periods, by harmonizing the environment and society to live well in a sustainable balance.


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