Bourama Keita immigration spokesman


Bourama Keita entered politics as a candidate for the Green Party of Quebec in the riding of Camille-Laurin (formerly Bourget) in the 2022 provincial election. His political commitment is motivated by his desire to promote a more inclusive and stronger Quebec within a united and prosperous Canada. Bourama is convinced that solutions to social, economic and environmental problems must be found both individually and collectively.

Originally from Mali and now living in Quebec for over 10 years, Bourama has always worked for social justice. With a master's degree in human and social sciences from a French institution, he has been involved on many occasions throughout his professional career, notably as president of the student association AfricaPac Amiens, as a member of UNEF, as an elected member of the union on the university board of directors, and also through his involvement with the French Socialist Party.

As an immigration spokesman, Bourama is keen to find humane, concrete and sustainable solutions to migration issues. He believes it is essential to adopt a negotiated, multi-level approach to offer solutions adapted to the reception and integration of new arrivals in Quebec. In addition to his commitment to immigration, Bourama is also a fervent advocate of environmental protection and social justice.



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