EDMONTON - Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec, congratulated Jordan Wilkie and the Green Party of Alberta on their hard-fought election campaign, which ended last night. Mr. Tyrrell expressed his admiration for the work accomplished by Mr. Wilkie, as well as his campaign manager, Najib Jut, and numerous volunteers and candidates.

Mr. Tyrrell recently spent a week in Edmonton in support of the Green Party of Alberta. During his stay, he witnessed first-hand the dedication and commitment of the team led by Mr. Wilkie, as well as the determination of candidates Taylor Lowery and Richard Freeman, with whom he had the pleasure of working.

In the election, the Alberta Greens came in third, ahead of the Liberals, the Wildrose and the Alberta Party. Although the party did not win any seats, Mr. Tyrrell is confident that it now has a solid base on which to build for the future. He pointed to Mr. Wilkie's strong and charismatic leadership, as well as the party's clear and well-defined platform, as contributing factors to this success.

Mr. Tyrrell also praised Mr. Wilkie's dedication to the community of Edmonton Rutherford, where he served as a firefighter for 15 years. He noted that Mr. Wilkie has dedicated a great deal of work to the provincial and local campaigns, despite the challenges he faced.

While in Edmonton, Tyrrell also witnessed the forest fires that affected the region. He described the thick smoke that filled the city, and how he and his team had to take steps to reduce the smoke inside their campaign office. He contrasted Montreal, where pollution from forest fires is rare, with Edmonton, where the situation was alarming.

Despite the environmental challenges facing Alberta, Mr. Tyrrell expressed his disappointment at the election of Daniel Smith and the United Conservatives, one of the most anti-environmental parties. He stressed that this victory will require a greater effort on the part of Greens and environmentalists to make their voices heard and defend progressive environmental policies.

In conclusion, Mr. Tyrrell expressed his solidarity with the Green Party of Alberta and wished his colleagues every success in the years to come.


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