Forest fires: Alex Tyrrell meets the mayor of Lebel-sur-Quévillon


    In this program, Alex Tyrrell discusses the unprecedented forest fires of 2023 with Guy Lafrenière, the mayor of Lebel-sur-Quévillon, a town that was evacuated twice during the fires and nearly succumbed to the flames a few months ago. The discussion with the mayor focuses on the scale of the fires, the experience of residents, the challenges Quebec faces in dealing with these disasters, and the impact of logging and climate change on fires. This discussion is followed by an exchange between Alex and Halimatou Bah, deputy leader of the Green Party of Quebec. To remember: * Forest fires are becoming increasingly frequent, requiring mass evacuations. * Quebec is ill-equipped to deal with forest fires and climate change. * The composition of the forest, dominated by softwoods planted by industry, makes forest fires more dangerous. * Public policies must take into account the health effects of forest fires and propose affordable solutions. * The forest fires of 2023 have had repercussions beyond Quebec, affecting other regions and countries and having an impact on health, particularly for vulnerable people. * We need to rethink forestry practices to promote biodiversity and reduce the risk of wildfire.


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