Fairview Forest: Alex Tyrrell welcomes activist Geneviève Lussier and mayor Tim Thomas


The first episode of the EcoMindset podcast is devoted to the Fairview Forest, a large forest on Montreal's West Island that is threatened by development. Alex Tyrrell talks to Geneviève Lussier, of the Fairview Forest citizens' group, and Tim Thomas, mayor of Pointe-Claire. The forest is important for its biodiversity and for mitigating the effects of the heat island. The landowner, Cadillac Fairview, plans to develop the forest into offices, residences and commercial space. The community demonstrated and raised awareness of the importance of protecting the forest. The mayor of Point Claire, Tim Thomas, has shown himself to be in favor of protecting the forest, but is encountering obstacles from the developers and certain members of the municipal council. The episode highlights the challenges of protecting green spaces and the importance of public opinion in influencing political decisions. To remember: -Fairview Forest is an important green space in Montreal's West Island, promoting biodiversity and mitigating the heat island effect. -Despite community opposition, Cadillac Fairview plans to develop the forest into offices, housing and commercial space. -The community has actively protested and raised awareness of the importance of protecting the forest. -Point Claire's mayor, Tim Thomas, has faced obstacles in protecting the forest, including pressure from developers and some city council members. Find out more about saving Fairview Forest:

- Save Fairview Forest   https://sauvonslaforetfairview.org/   / save_fairview_forest  


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