Should POLITICAL DONATIONS BE BANNED IN QUEBEC? Interview with Jean-Sébastien Dufresne


    In this episode, Alex Tyrrell discusses the debate over political party financing in Quebec with democracy expert Jean-Sébastien Dufresne. They discuss François Legault's proposal to ban political donations and the pros and cons. They stress the importance of maintaining public funding to preserve diversity of ideas, political pluralism and the fight against corruption. Next, they take stock of voting reform in Quebec. They also address the question of the balance of power between the regions and the major centers. Jean-Sébastien proposes a citizens' assembly approach to electoral reform, and discusses the challenges and issues involved. He highlights the decline of democracy and the rise of political apathy, as well as the need for a rigorous, proactive approach to political involvement.

    - To remember -

    * Proposed ban on political donations in Quebec sparks debate on the role of money in politics. * The 2012 reform of political party financing reduced contribution limits and increased public funding. * Public funding of political parties can create distortions due to the first-past-the-post voting system. * It is important to maintain public funding to preserve diversity of ideas and political pluralism. * Quebec's electoral reform is on hold despite strong public support. The CAQ and Québec Solidaire have proposed bills on voting reform, but it's unlikely that the CAQ will actually work on this issue. * A change of government is needed to advance voting reform. * The balance of power between the regions and the major centers is an important issue in electoral reform. * A citizens' assembly could be an effective way of initiating a fundamental debate on electoral reform. -

    00:00 Introduction and background to the debate on political party financing in Quebec 02:24 François Legault's proposal to ban political donations 05:05 Political party funding reform in 2012 08:00 The benefits and distortions of public funding of political parties 11:49 The impact of reform on political pluralism and democratic representation 14:35 Inequalities and quid pro quos in political party financing 18:22 The current status of voting reform in Quebec 20:29 The CAQ's bill 21:19 Québec Solidaire's bill 22:17 Waiting for a change of government 23:16 The balance of power between regions and major centers 24:00 Fair representation in major centers 25:00 Maintaining the political weight of the regions 25:27 The challenge of electoral reform 26:23 The strategy to bring back the CAQ bill 27:16 François Legault's intentions 28:40 A transparent pre-electoral agreement 29:06 A citizens' assembly on electoral reform 29:30 The fundamental debate on electoral reform 30:26 Referendums and electoral reform 31:52 The decline of democracy and political apathy 34:05 The need for a rigorous approach 35:19 A citizens' assembly for in-depth debate 38:11 Proactive political involvement


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