The Struggle for Non Binary Rights in Quebec


    In this episode of La Mentalité Verte, Alexe Frédéric Mignot, an activist for the rights of non-binary people in Quebec, discusses the importance of gender identity and the recognition of marker X on official documents with Alex Tyrrell. Mx Mignot stresses the importance of preserving minority rights for the well-being of all, explains why it's crucial to have marker X on documents such as the health insurance card, criticizes Quebec's delay in implementing marker X and questions the political will of the Legault government before addressing the fear and phobia towards non-binary people and the consequences that ensue. Finally, they encourage activism and stresses the importance of fighting for fundamental rights.

    To Remember * Gender identity is important to the well-being of non-binary people in Quebec and around the world. * The X marker on official documents, such as the health insurance card, is crucial for the respect of non-binary people's rights. * The Legault government is lagging behind in implementing the X marker and is showing a lack of political will. * It is important to raise awareness of the use of the X marker and understanding of gender identity among staff and the public service. * Activism and the fight for fundamental rights are essential to advance the rights of non-binary people.


    00:00 Introduction 01:18 The importance of gender identity 06:12 Quebec's delay in implementing marker X 08:04 The illegality of government inaction 09:31 The lack of political will 10:58 The Legault government's political game 12:28 The report of the wise committee 13:55 Demands beyond marker X 15:21 Fear and phobia towards non-binary people 20:46 The victory of marker X 26:10 The reluctance of the Legault government 28:00 The importance of activism 29:29 Conclusion


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