Quebec politics explained to the rest of Canada


    In this special episode of the Green Mentality podcast, Alex Tyrrell is interviewed by Jenna Aquino, an Ontario-born musician newly arrived in Montreal. Having decided to settle in Quebec, Jenna wants to know all about politics from a progressive Quebec perspective. And who better to answer this question than the long-time activist and leader of an ecosocialist party, himself?
    They discuss Quebec's political landscape, important issues affecting Quebec, the role of the Green Party of Quebec and the differences between Quebec and Ontario. They also discuss media coverage, language issues and the challenges of learning French in Quebec. The conversation highlights the need for progressive voices in Quebec politics and the impact of mainstream media on shaping public opinion. In this conversation, Alex Tyrrell discusses various topics related to Quebec politics and his involvement with the Green Party. He worries about the risk of censorship and the need to strike a balance between protecting elected officials and the right to criticize them. He also gives advice to newcomers to Quebec on how to learn the language, get informed and get involved in activism. Tyrrell stresses the importance of political participation and the need for ambitious, ideologically driven political parties. They also discuss the ecosocialist ideology of the Quebec Green Party versus the ecocapitalism of the Green Party of Canada, as well as the federal Green Party's expulsion of itself and other candidates from the assumed left. The conversation turns to issues such as housing affordability, police violence and the need for political participation. Despite the obstacles, Tyrrell remains optimistic and motivated to create positive change.


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