The Concordian : Election Quebec 2007


«Quebec has played an important role in the development of Canada’s Green Party since the party’s conception in the mid-1980s. In total, the Green Party of Quebec is running 110 candidates out of a possible 125 in the upcoming election.

Quebec party leader Scott McKay recently spoke to The Concordian about why a Green vote is now more important than ever.


The Green Party has proposed that Quebec will be able to successfully lower its greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30 percent between now and 2020. McKay said Quebec’s traditional politicians have been “dragging their feet on the issue of the environment for too long.”

McKay said Canada can achieve the Kyoto targets for greenhouse gas emissions, and that Quebec’s role should be to encourage environmentally-sound practices.

He added that both Charest and Boisclair have made decisions that have been detrimental to the environment, and that the Quebec public is right to be worried. “The time for discussion is over, [the government has] to take action and we want results,” McKay said.»

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