In politics there is always an array of issues on the table at any given time. If elected to the National Assembly these will be my priorities:

Ensuring all citizens benefit from our natural resource wealth

  • Ending unfair taxpayer subsidies to the mining industry
  • Ending shale gas exploration and hydraulic fracturing in Quebec
  • Investing in the green economy and building a sustainable future
  • Ensuring first nations communities consent to and benefit from natural resource extraction projects on their territory

– Better public transit

  • Expanding the Metro system, build The “Train de l’Ouest”
  • Cutting transit user fees by 50%
  • Drastically improving bus service in the West Island and other similar communities
  • Financing public transit in part by increasing the cost of motor vehicle registration

– Improving the healthcare system

  • Training and hiring more mental health professionals, nurses, and family doctors
  • Standing up against the privatization of our healthcare system
  • Getting tough on dangerous pollution
  • Improving in-home and long term care for seniors
  • Treating drug addiction as a healthcare issue, not as a criminal offense

– Preserving affordable education & restoring civil liberties

  • Restoring civil liberties and the right to free assembly
  • Saying NO to the 75% tuition hike
  • Restricting corporate influence on public universities
  • Engaging students and youth in the democratic process

Improving Our Democracy’s Accountability and Transparency

  • Creating publicly accessible database of all government contracts, spending, and reports
  • Improving government accountability through transperancy
  • Transitioning to 100% public financing of political parties
  • Bringing in proportional representation
  • Holding monthly town hall style meetings to encourage citizen participation
  • Engaging in a meaningful dialogue with citizens


  • Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in green technology, public transit, green buildings, and eco-energy retrofit programs
  • Diversifying our trading partners to avoid over-dependance on the United States
  • Standing up for workers rights, improving working conditions and economic equality
  • Because services create jobs locally, and consumer goods tend to damage the environment and send jobs elsewhere the Green Party proposes cutting the provincial sales tax on services and increasing it on consumable goods.
  • Mandating that the Caisse de Depot du Quebec to invest in local business rather than playing the international money markets with our pensions
  • Internalizing our debt by offering citizens the opportunity to buy government bonds at favorable rates

Keeping Quebec in Canada

  • I am a strong federalist.
  • I believe that the way to move forward on progressive values is to work within a united Canada.
  • The Green Party of Quebec is here to provide a viable progressive-federalist option for the people of the West Island.

As your Member of the National Assembly I will engage the community in a meaningful dialogue about the issues that are important to the community and the province by holding monthly town hall style meetings to encourage citizen participation in democracy. I believe that transparency leads to better decisions, and participation leads to better government.


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