During the 2012 Quebec Election Campaign Alex Tyrrell posted the following text addressing the reasons not to vote Liberal.

– Law 78, the attack on civil liberties, and failure to resolve the student strike

To this day Jean Charest has spent less than one hour meeting with student leaders.

Failure to provide adequate public transit

The West Island is in desperate need of transit infrastructure. For too long our community has been neglected by politicians who take our votes for granted. Many West Island commuters spend 2 hours per day commuting.

Geoff Kelly has been our MNA for 18 years, and his party has been in government since 2003. In that time our community not seen a single major investment in public transit.

In 2012, for the first time, Geoff Kelly and the Liberal Party of Quebec are talking about a major public transit project in the West Island; the “Train de l’Ouest.”

However, the project remains in the planing stages. Now Geoff Kelly and the Liberal Party of Quebec are saying that they wont commit to funding the project until December 2012, which, unfortunately, is after the election. Coincidence?

Given the Liberal Government’s record on public transit, are you ready to vote for them one more time so they can continue talking about and studying the possibility of building the “Train De l’Ouest”?

We can do better. There is no reason that we cant have public transit in the West Island.

Support and proximity to the Asbestos and Shale Gas Industries

Unfair Givaways to Mining Companies; Anticosti Island, Plan Nord

Mismanaged Priorities and Favors to Party Donors

  • After 9 years in power priorities change. In recent years Jean Charest’s  Liberals have worked more for private companies, party donors, and well connected lobbyists than they have for the people.
  • In 2009 the liberals reduced accountability by rolling back long standing ethics lawsthat made it illegal for cabinet ministers to own a companys which receive government contracts.
  • Wether it be giving daycare permits, construction contracts, and lucrative government contracts to party donors, or maintaining a revolving door with the oil and gas lobby one thing is for sure; power corupts and it’s time for a change.


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