Photo: McGill Daily 

Today I would like to add my voice to those of more than 70 organizations that are calling for an investigation into police brutality during the maple spring and in demonstrations since then.

As many of you know, during the maple spring and after that I participated in many events. We took to the streets to challenge the increase in school fees, Law 78, the North Plan, the Grand Prix, Pauline Marois’ indexation, Law P6, Monsanto’s GMOs and several other causes.

During these demonstrations I witnessed with my own eyes, many acts of police brutality.

Growing up in Quebec, I always believed that we have the right to express ourselves politically without consequence. Unfortunately, following the events of the maple spring, this point of view is compromised.

An investigation into police brutality is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of our society. Many young and old people have lost confidence in law enforcement following the events of the maple spring. It is high time to shed light on these events.

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec


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