I just got off the phone with MP Francis Scarpeleggia (PLC) about the PCB spill in Pointe-Claire which is right in the middle of his riding.

Mr. Scarpaleggia informed me that he takes most of his knowledge through the media, such as The Gazette.

He points out that the contamination of the water table in Pointe-Claire is not dangerous for the citizens because we do not drink this water. According to him, the only major risk of this contamination is the possibility of a fire.

He was also unaware that 50 daycares in the area have been advised to have an evacuation plan that would bring children several kilometres away from the site in case of fire.

I point out that local citizens have still not been advised of the new emergency measures, nor have they been advised not to eat the vegetables they have grown in their gardens. In addition, the site is filled with dry soil contaminated with PCBs that is being stirred by the wind and breathed in by citizens on a daily basis.

Here is an example of a politician who bases his political opinions not on the words of experts or scientists, but rather on the words of a right-wing media channel that tries to minimize the magnitude of the situation for the benefit of the private sector.

Bravo Mr. Scarpaleggia


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