For the improvement of the mental health system.

In Quebec we have several very serious problems with our mental health system. Too often a lack of resources results in citizens being poorly served, or in the prescription of medication without a thorough analysis of patients.

We have a multitude of people who are released prematurely from hospitals because of a lack of resources. These people are often on the street, alone, and unable to get proper care.

The solution lies in improving the system and preventing mental illness. For example, we have people who are under enormous economic pressure, which means that an accumulation of stress too often results in depression or other illnesses.

This lack of resources can also lead to violent crime. For example, in 2006, I was a student at Dawson College when a young man with a mental illness opened fire on 12 of my fellow students. One died, and subsequent media reports confirmed that he was known to be mentally ill but had not received the necessary attention or care; a tragedy that could have been prevented.

The consequences of a health care system that is under-resourced has consequences for all of us, and it is high time to improve our public mental health system.

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec


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