For recycling fees on electronics, automobiles, and any other product that can be recycled.

The current situation with electronics recycling is sad. We are sending solvent con tenants full of electronic waste to the third world to be dismantled by people in poverty, in toxic conditions, to the detriment of the environment.

This is the result of free market recycling where no tax is charged to the consumer when buying the product, which is then recycled in the cheapest way, to recover materials that are of adequate value.

I am in favour of a special tax on electronics, cars, and other recyclable consumer goods. For example, charging a customer $1,000 on the purchase of any new vehicle will not only allow us to pay for labour to dismantle and recycle all materials, but will also allow us to reduce the number of new cars produced and sold.

Let’s subsidize recycling,

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec



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