Instead of taking care of the “real business” in the health file, Minister Gaétan Barrette is abusing his ministerial privileges in order to consolidate the support of the Liberal Party in the October 20 by-election.

Janet Jones, my main opponent in this by-election, told the media last Thursday that she supports the creation of a brand new medical clinic in Lévis. What is shocking is that for this announcement, she was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Dr. Gaétan Barrette, who also announced his department’s support for the clinic project. Ms. Jones is a CANDIDATE and not a Member of Parliament for the riding. Her party was unsuccessful in their attempt to win the riding in the 2014 general election.

The Minister of Health should not make partisan announcements in a by-election. Will this clinic be built if Ms. Jones is not elected on October 20?

We should reject the old way of doing things.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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