Beautiful campaign day today in Levis! I took part in a televised debate with the PQ and QS candidates and the leader of the Conservative Party, Adrien Pouliot.

For the Green Party, the main issue of this campaign is, without a doubt, the arrival of oil from the tar sands at the Lévis refinery. This will be done by ship, after the direction of Enbridge’s 9B pipeline is reversed. This pipeline will also supply the Montreal refinery with oil sands oil, which will emit a lot of carbon for every litre of gasoline produced.

The abolition of public transit fares was also discussed, and provoked an interesting exchange between me and Adrien Pouliot. He made it known that he would absolutely not want “to be taken hostage by extreme environmentalists” like myself or Dr. Bonnier-Viger of Québec solidaire.

We also talked about the funding of higher education and the need to remove any financial barriers to access to education.

If you want to support my campaign in Lévis, you are invited to make a small donation in solidarity!

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

Excellent meeting this morning with the Mayor of Lévis, Mr. Gilles Lehouillier!

We had fruitful discussions about the priorities of the City of Lévis, including: sustainable development priorities; expansion of the public transit system; protection of the banks of the St. Lawrence River; and strengthening protection of access to portable water.

The mayor also expressed his concern about the oil projects and his opposition to the arrival of an LNG tanker port in Lévis.

I will continue my day with meetings with citizens.




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