Excellent coverage of my opinion on Elizabeth May’s purge of federal shadow cabinet members who support BDS.

“According to Tyrrell the party is far more left-wing than its current leadership and needs to shift away from the centre and modernize to reflect it, starting with a hard look at the results of last election where the Greens saw their share of the popular vote diminish.“The Green Party in Canada needs to remain relevant,” he said.“

The Green Party of BC is the furthest right wing Green Party in the country. Is their leader, Andrew Weaver calling the shots for the federal Greens under Elizabeth May?

Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has taken extraordinary measures to fight her own party’s policy on BDS by unilaterally expelling three prominent BDS supporters from her shadow cabinet earlier today.

This comes as Dimitri LascarisLisa BarrettColin HM Griffiths and I, as well as 17 other prominent Green Party members signed an open letter in support of BDS this morning. This letter () was highly critical of BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver who has referred to BDS supporters, such as myself and the majority of the delegates at the federal convention in August as “extremists” and “fringe elements.”

The struggle continues. Solidarity with the expelled members of the federal shadow cabinet.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Québec


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