Today I am announcing my support for Valérie Plante in the Project Montreal leadership race!

Although I am not a member of her party, I have met with and had the chance to discuss many issues with Ms Plante. She is determined to take action on big projects for the metropolis such as massive investments in public transit, the construction of a new metro line and more than 500 km of new bicycle paths in a first mandate.

Valérie supports a meaningful eco-energy retrofit loan program that will allow building owners to reduce their energy consumption. She is proposing participatory democracy for the city’s budget and has promised both more social housing and increased regulations and sanctions against landlords who fail to provide adequate living conditions to their tenants.

Ms Plante is in touch with citizens and represents a viable alternative to the Coderre administration. She has the support of the progressive wing of her party, which would be severely damaged if her adversary, Guillaume Lavoie wins the leadership race.

For all of these reasons, I strongly encourage members of Projet Montreal to vote en masse for Valérie Plante at their leadership convention this Sunday in Montréal.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Québec




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