It is with great optimism that I announce my support for Valérie Plante of Projet Montreal as mayor of Montreal!

Valérie Plante proposes a bold project for Montreal ; a progressive alternative to the status quo; a progressive vision that will enable us to build a greener, more inclusive and fairer city while bring much needed integrity back to city hall.

Valérie Plante is not afraid of taking a stand to protect the environment and the interests of Montrealers, in particular those with low incomes. She supports massive public transit expansion including but not limited to the addition of a new full metro line with 29 stations as well as the purchase of 300 new hybrid buses. She is not afraid of proposing major projects or speaking out against right wing identity politics on the provincial level including bill 62 which discriminates against muslim women.

On affordable housing, Valerie Plante proposes the introduction of a tax on speculative real estate purchases, which would have the effect of halting the increase in rents for Montrealers, in addition to creating 12,000 social and affordable units.

Valérie Plante opposes the destruction of the island’s few remaining green spaces. Earlier this year, she unveiled a bold proposal for the creation of a provincial park in the West Island, in order to protect the area of ​​the l’Anse à l’Orme river, Cap-Saint-Jacques and the Morgan Arboretum. The Green Party of Québec supports Project Montréal’s proposal for the creation of the island’s first provincial park.

Under the current administration, transparency simply does not exist at city hall. Decisions are far too centralized and citizens are rarely consulted about the future of our own city. Ms Plante proposes to change all this by, among other things, holding a referendum on the use of public funds to finance major projects such as the construction of a new baseball stadium.

In terms of transparency, Valérie Plante proposes to submit the city events such as Montreal 375 and Formula E to the access to information laws. These two organizations are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers, which are currently invested without any public oversight.

Valérie Plante and her party Projet Montréal oppose the anti-pitbull by-laws and any breed specific legislation. Her approach is balanced and well thought out. She cares about animals and the environment as has a solid track record as leader of the opposition.

For all these reasons and many more, I encourage you to vote for Valérie Plante as the next mayor of Montréal on November 5th.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of Parti Vert du Québec and resident of Montreal



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