While the Green Party of Quebec receives the vast majority of its funding from Elections Quebec through the per-vote subsidy, we also accept donations of up to $200 per person per year.

You can make a donation by mail or by phone at 514 612 3365. Please note that donations by mail must be accompanied by an Elections Quebec form. Please contact us if you wish to make a donation by mail.

The most efficient way to donate is by credit card on the Elections Quebec website


How do I make a donation to the Green Party on the Elections Quebec website?

Page 1 – Fill out the form with your contact information

Page 2 – Select “Political Party” and then “Green Party of Quebec/Parti Vert du Québec

Page 3 – Make sure you meet the requirements, check the boxes and click yes

Page 4 – Enter your contribution amount (maximum of $200 per person for 2022)

Page 5 – Confirm your information. Thank you for your contribution!


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