Green parties around the world share common values that are expressed in the Global Greens Charter. The six main ideas, on which the Green Party of Quebec is based, are :

– promoting ecological health
– not being responsible for the extinction of species
– recognizing the wisdom of Aboriginal peoples
– Recognizing the limits of natural resources
– preserving ecosystems and biodiversity
– embracing the precautionary principle

– supporting the equitable distribution of resources
– ensuring the satisfaction of basic needs, such as water, food, housing, etc.
– by affirming the right to development for all
– building a stable and just global economy
– by bridging the gap between North and South
– eliminating poverty and illiteracy
– guaranteeing equal rights regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or health.

– promoting bioregional democracy
– helping individuals to be autonomous, voluntary and participatory
– supporting the right of all adults to vote
– by guaranteeing the right to the political affiliation of one’s choice within a multi-party system.

– by promoting a culture of peace and cooperation
– by establishing a global concept of security, as well as a global system of conflict prevention, management and resolution
– eliminating the causes of war, such as racism and poverty
– by promoting general disarmament, especially of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, anti-personnel mines and depleted uranium weapons;

– limiting over-consumption
– focusing on quality of life
– meeting current needs without compromising the needs of future generations
– limiting population growth
– by promoting local development
– by taking into account the environmental price of a good or a service in its global price
– by encouraging industries to follow the principles of sustainable development

– for the respect of minorities
– for the right of all to a living environment that promotes dignity, well-being and health
– for harmonious relations
– for the recognition of the right of peoples
– for equality between men and women


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