Alex Tyrrell issued the following statement on November 12, 2019

Over the past few weeks, Bolivia has been torn apart by protests and an anti-democratic coup d’etat.

Following elections that Evo Morales won on the first round with 47% of the vote, the Washington-based and largely U.S. funded « Organization of American States (OAS) » attacked the credibility of the election without evedence in order to topple the democratically elected Morales government. This is U.S. imperialism in action. Canada should not stand idly by as Latin American country’s democratic institutions are systematically manipulated by U.S. special interests.

Evo Morales is the first indigenous president of Bolivia. He has been an outspoken voice in the fight against climate change on the world stage and has implemented many progressive policies during his time in power.

The new self proclaimed right-wing president has a history of hatred towards indigenous people and has said that she will not allow Morales to return to Bolivia in order to participate in new elections. She has said that if he does return that he will be persecuted and likely imprisoned. This is the beginning of what could become a long-standing dictatorship. The illegal regime has just announced that it will arrest legislators from Evo Morales’s party starting Monday. Protestors have already been killed in the streets. Lives have been lost.

I strongly condemn this violent, oppressive and undemocratic power grab. Canada should be a voice for peace and democracy and should sever relations with this new illegal regime in Bolivia rather than siding with U.S. imperialism and special interests.

Alex tyrrell

Going forward, I call on the Green Party of Canada to take a stronger position on the situation in Bolivia. The statement published by foreign affairs critic Annamie Paul stops short of calling this situation out for what it is and lends far too much credibility to the U.S.-based OAS group whose interference in the Bolivian election set the stage for this undemocratic coup.


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