Alex Tyrrell, the front runner in the 2020 Green Party of Canada leadership race and current leader of the Green Party of Quebec is hitting the road on a Canada wide Green New Deal tour beginning on February 22. He plans to visit all major Canadian cities over the next three moths. On this tour he will make the case for his federal leadership bid and explain his platform; the Green New Deal. Events will be discussion based and Canadians are invited to come listen, interact and discuss the future of both the country and the Green Party of Canada.

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At 31 years old and with over six years of experience leading the Green Party of Quebec Alex Tyrrell is both the youngest and most experienced candidate in the Green Party of Canada leadership race. He is an outspoken environmental and social justice activist who elected as leader of the Quebec Greens in 2013 at just 25 years old. He firmly believes that the Green Party of Canada should turn left and adopt an eco socialist platform.

During his visit to various parts of the country, Alex Tyrrell will outline how each city could benefit from a Green New Deal which would bring high speed rail, free transit and green jobs to Canada while reducing consumption, protecting the environment and building a more equitable and fair society. His progressive plan titled the Green New Deal calls for a 10 year mobilization to eliminate the use of fossil fuels while offering a job guarantee to all fossil fuel dependent workers while making massive investments in healthcare, education, culture and social services.

Alex Tyrrell wants to make big changes to the Green Party of Canada by placing the party squarely on the left of Canadian politics and by reaching out to the new youth lead climate movement. He has a track wrecord of success on the provincial level. He believes that the Greens should abandon the principle of fiscal conservatism, be more outspoken on social justice issues and implement a degree of party discipline to ensure that candidates who represent the party fall in line with the platform and values of the organization.

His Green New Deal Tour will start with ten events in Ontario before moving on the Alberta, and BC in march. He plans to visit all of the provinces and territories my May.

M. Tyrrell is available for interviews and can be reached at the following number(613) 317-1614 or by email:


Today I am announcing that I am launching a Canada wide tour to promote the Green New Deal for Canada and my leadership campaign!

On this tour, I hope to connect with as many Green Party members, activists and residents as possible! Since the party is not providing candidates with membership lists I am counting on word of mouth, social media and targeted invitations to get people out.

In this context, I am interested in speaking with local Greens who would like to help out by helping organize events, inviting Greens and activists to participate and individuals who would like to contribute to discussions about the Green New Deal for Canada!

This is a low budget campaign and I am more than happy to sleep on people’s couches to keep costs down. I am also raising money for the $50k entrance fee that the party is charging candidates.

Please contact me by private message if you are interested in helping out! The timeline will be posted in the comments section!

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec
Candidate for the Leadership of the Canadian Greens


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