There will be a provincial election in October 2022 and the Green Party of Quebec is recruiting! We are currently looking for people who want to become candidates for ridings across Quebec.

Being a candidate is a concrete way to contribute to the advancement of the environment, social justice and the advancement of the Green Party of Quebec in provincial politics. It is a way to take action to defend your convictions and values while gaining unique experience.

As Quebec faces growing inequities, the degradation of our natural environment and our public health system, citizen involvement has never been more important. Every person has a responsibility to act.

While many people hesitate when faced with the possibility of becoming a candidate, it is an achievable experience for anyone who has their values in the right place and is willing to take action. We offer training for candidates and support each step of the way.

Being a candidate is also a great way to meet new people and be part of a dynamic, progressive and innovative team.

Join us and together we will build a Green Quebec!

Ps: Nous sommes également à la recherche de bénévolesstagiaires, et d’employé-e-s 


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