Growing vegetables in winter is possible. Canada being known as a country of extremes, it was unimaginable to think, even for a second, about growing vegetables during the winter period. But today, it is possible. VERY GOOD NEWS!

When the Green Party of Quebec is elected as the provincial government, they plan to greatly increase the proportion of food grown right here. Indeed, a new trend is emerging to produce local vegetables, even in winter, with little or no energy requirements. Several growers have already begun growing relatively cold-hardy vegetables this winter in greenhouses with little or no heating (between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius).

The possibility of growing vegetables in almost unheated greenhouses is a very good thing that will allow huge energy savings instead of heating the greenhouses to 20 degrees Celsius and using artificial light. Moreover, opting for winter agriculture would allow us to be less dependent on other countries that feed us mainly during this season (United States and Mexico).

The idea of being able to produce during all seasons is welcomed by the Green Party and will help many farmers. Indeed, the food we eat is intimately linked to our health and it is important to support farmers and take economic measures to ensure that these organic and local foods are affordable for all Quebecers.

Therefore, the Green Party proposes to encourage the consumption of local products, organic agriculture and local and urban agriculture.

Jean-Pierre Duford

Spokesperson for Agriculture and Food Policy


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