Today, young Quebecers will file an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to take the federal government to court for its insufficient efforts to fight climate change. The group ENvironnement JEUnesse is leading this action, representing all Quebecers under the age of 35 and accusing the federal government of infringing on the fundamental rights of current and future generations.

For the leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, “We need young people to take diverse initiatives like these. The federal government is not providing a healthy environment for today’s youth and we need to force them into action (there is a break here) not considering the rights of youth. It forces the government to act by all means before it is too late and global warming has reached a point of no return.”

“The Green Party of Quebec supports and congratulates the initiative of this youth movement that is taking legal action against the federal government to make it recognize and repair the damage caused by its environmental crimes. Indeed, Canadians should have the right to a healthy environment. If the youth don’t win their case in the Supreme Court, it will be time for constitutional reform to enshrine the right to a healthy environment in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” said Mr. Tyrrell.

Halimatou Bah, deputy leader of the Green Party of Quebec, said “I greatly support the ENvironnement JEUnesse movement, it’s wonderful to see young people fighting with such fervor against government inaction. It’s still a shame to have to get to this point for action to be taken but it’s necessary.”

The Green Party of Quebec is a youth-led movement to protect the environment and promote social justice. For people who want to put the environment and social justice at the heart of their concerns, we are currently looking for candidates from all walks of life across Quebec. Join us


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