A little over a month ago, the Legault government announced its intention to modify the standard for airborne nickel concentrations. The government proposes to increase the standard from 14ng/cubic meter to 70ng/cubic meter, an increase of 500%. 

The Green Party of Quebec does not agree with the government’s proposal, which could have numerous effects on the health of Quebecers and cause lung inflammation, lung fibrosis and lung cancer. In addition, it is possible that nickel can infect fish and other organisms. 

Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec said “I support the demonstrations and citizen initiatives against these measures that are detrimental to the health of Quebecers. Quebecers are not supposed to be forced to protest for adequate air quality. These demonstrations are due to government incompetence and unwillingness to defend its citizens. The Quebec government is not playing its role as protector of citizens and is putting its population at risk by wanting to introduce this proposed law. “

The deputy leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Halimatou Bah said: “By implementing this measure, the Quebec government is putting the will of business ahead of the well-being of Quebecers, this is not the image that a government is supposed to send. It must put citizens before the demands of industrial lobbyists. Quebecers should have the right to live in a healthy environment in which chemical standards are not higher than Public Health recommendations.

The Green Party of Quebec would like to make it clear that we are not against all industrial and commercial activities, but rather consider the need for a framework to avoid harming the health of Quebecers. We wish to guarantee the protection of the environment as much as the well-being of citizens.



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