Each February is an opportunity for Canadians to reflect on the history of Black people in Canada and to honour their many contributions to Canadian society. Black History Month is essential to living together as it allows us to become more aware of the place of Black men and women. It is an opportunity to better understand the many challenges they continue to face around the world today.

It is important to remember and emphasize that many Black people have impacted and continue to impact positively in one way or another the history of Quebec and Canada. Nevertheless, it is necessary that beyond the month of February we pay tribute to them and highlight these people who have worked in the political, cultural and social history of Quebec and Canada.

For Jeanne-Céline Ngalle Miano, Spokesperson for Housing of the Green Party of Quebec, “It is true that Black History Month is a time to celebrate the history and accomplishments of those who came before us, but it is especially important that this period motivates us as Black people to surpass ourselves and to always believe in our potential to do better as individuals; to be better.

It’s very positive to see that Black History Month is celebrated at many businesses and institutions across the country. Indeed, throughout the month of February, one can see many events and various activities to recognize and highlight black people. But beyond the showcase effect, the most important thing would be for each organization and institution to take stock of the actions they have implemented during the year to promote the inclusion and participation of black people within their organization. How many black people were hired, how many black people were promoted to higher positions, how black employees feel within the company etc. Celebrating black history month is great but taking real action is better!

Halimatou Bah, deputy leader of Green Party of Quebec



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