Implementing Universal Second Language Education

Learning a second language is one more tool that our youth can master to open their horizons, pursue new opportunities and communicate with the rest of the world. The Green Party of Quebec therefore supports the implementation of second language learning for all Quebec students. As studies show that it is easier to learn languages at a young age, bilingual instruction will begin in kindergarten through to the end of high school and will be set at 25% of school time.

Environment and healthy lifestyle 

The Green Party of Quebec would like to accompany schools so that each one can adopt a green plan that includes waste reduction, the reduction of single-use plastics (bottles, utensils, plastic film), school composting, a clearer policy on reuse and recovery and the reduction of food waste.

In Quebec, many schools are in a pitiful state. Poor air quality, insufficient natural lighting, asbestos insulation and lack of maintenance are still being denounced across Quebec. The Green Party of Quebec proposes to entrust the mandate of monitoring buildings and air quality to independent firms.

The Green Party of Quebec also supports the recommendation of a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day starting in elementary school. This will help students to be more physically fit and willing to learn

School Curriculum

The Green Party of Quebec supports the addition of priority environmental elements to existing curricula to enable the next generation to become leaders in the fight against climate change.

We propose to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in order to better inform young Quebecers about the historical wrongs of our governments towards First Nations. We also believe that genocides as well as the contributions of women and ethnic minorities are not sufficiently covered in current history courses. The Green Party of Quebec therefore proposes to integrate the reality of women and ethnic minorities into history courses.

The Green Party of Quebec believes that it is essential to include in the Quebec school curriculum a complete sex education program from elementary to high school. This program should include, among other things, the notion of consent, respectful relationships and the reality of the LGBTQIA2+ minority.

Free education 

The Green Party of Quebec supports free education so that all people can pursue post-secondary education regardless of their financial means. Free education is an issue that has a great deal of support among the population of Quebec. This policy would ensure that a greater number of Quebecers could take courses. It allows Quebec to rely on the know-how of our population, rather than on the extraction of our natural resources as an economic engine.

Divestment in fossil fuels

In Quebec, all universities have financial investments in fossil fuel companies. We believe that the Quebec government, and all of these institutions, should follow the scientific data that show that fossil fuels present an extremely serious threat to the planet and immediately stop their investments in fossil fuels.

The right to strike 

In Quebec, there is a tradition of student democracy and student strikes that have marked the province’s history. Despite this fact, the right to student democracy and the right to strike is not enshrined in Quebec law. This led to many violent confrontations during the 2012 student strike, as strike votes were not recognized by the courts. The Green Party of Quebec proposes to recognize the reality of student strikes and to enshrine the right to strike in Quebec law, in order to avoid conflicts during these rare political events.

School Democracy and School Service Centre Reform (Bill 40)

A Green government will delegate responsibility for buildings to municipalities, school service centers will also be responsible for school materials. The taxing power of school service centers will be abolished. Funding for school service centers will come from the Ministry of Education and municipalities will collect the taxes needed to maintain the buildings.

School Election Reform

In order to enhance, stimulate and reinvigorate school democracy, the Green Party of Quebec proposes that the right to vote and run in school elections be reserved for teachers employed by school service centers and parents of minors. They will have an advisory role with their schools and at the high school level, they will sit on the school service centers with voting rights.


Culture is often seen as a source of expense, when in fact it is an important source of revenue. We want to make it an important pillar of our economy by giving it the place it deserves. Quebec’s culture is rich and shines throughout the world; it is an important driver of domestic and international tourism. However, it must be promoted and adequately financed in order to benefit from the important economic spin-offs that will result from it.

We support the proposal of the Coalition La culture, le cœur du Québec, to increase the budget for culture from 1.1% to 2.2%.

Cultural subsidies should also be aimed at promoting the culture of minority groups and First Nations, who form an essential part of Quebec society.


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