Fighting privatization

The Green Party of Quebec strongly opposes any privatization of our health care system. On the contrary, the public health care system must be celebrated, strengthened and better funded.

  • We believe that all Quebecers should have access to quality, timely and free services. Citizens’ wallets should not be a limit to the accessibility of health care in the province.

Free dental and vision care

The Green Party of Quebec will implement free dental and vision care for all Quebecers. We consider accessibility to care to be a right

Pharma Québec, universal coverage and drugs 

The Green Party of Quebec proposes the creation of Pharma Quebec, whose mandate would be to negotiate the prices of imported drugs and to manufacture these generic drugs at a lower cost. We also propose the creation of a prescription drug coverage plan to reduce inequalities in access for Quebecers. The cost of creating Pharma Québec would be amortized by the profits made over the long term by the production of lower cost drugs. We also propose to establish a better framework for so-called natural health products (NHPs). Many of these products are sold without a prescription with no knowledge of their effects.

Mental health services

  • Implement a program to provide free mental health services.
  • Reduce prescribing of medication for children’s behaviour through access to psychologists and smaller class sizes.
  • Accelerating suicide prevention and intervention, through more training in schools, would allow for more effective action against bullying.
  • The creation of more accessible and adapted support resources for First Nations, created in collaboration with them.

Decriminalization of drugs

Decriminalizing all drugs with the federal government would:
– Redirect resources used for drug enforcement to prevention and support for people with addictions.
– Remove the stigma that drives people to use these drugs alone in private, hidden and unsupervised settings, which more often than not leads to death in the case of overdose.

Legalization of drugs and nationalization of distribution 

The Green Party of Quebec proposes a complete legalization of drugs and a state supervision of the distribution of drugs produced, including those produced by chemical processes, which will guarantee the safety and quality of such processed products. Furthermore, we consider that the nationalization of distribution will remove a large source of income from organized crime, reducing violence and illegal trafficking, while obtaining a source of income for the State. As with cannabis, we do not intend to promote it, but rather to offer a safe supply to citizens caught in an addiction and to guide them towards a gradual reduction of their addictive consumption.

Supervised injection centers

Fund supervised injection centers and create new ones in many regions other than Montreal. Ensure that these centers receive adequate funding, particularly to be more effective in dealing with the opioid crisis.


Creation of a Pandemic Management Technician Squad 

The health crisis has shown us how unprepared the health care system is to deal with a pandemic and the increase in the number of people needing care. To remedy the situation, the Green Party of Quebec proposes to create a pandemic technician squad specially trained in pandemic management.



We propose to better finance sports activities throughout the province in order to fight against sedentary lifestyles and related health problems that are a huge problem in rich countries. These sports practices will obviously have to be combined with healthy eating practices, as well as regulations on products containing high levels of sugar.

Healthy eating

The Green Party of Quebec believes that it is time for the government to take concrete measures to encourage healthy eating habits among Quebecers:

  •  To organize a national campaign to reduce meat consumption, which is linked to several health problems.
  • Encourage the consumption of local foods throughout Quebec.
  • Introduce courses on healthy eating in elementary school. This allows students to be healthier, more active and better equipped to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Ensure diversification of meals during the week in schools by limiting, but not entirely eliminating, meat consumption, increasing the consumption of healthy foods, and offering more vegetarian and local alternatives.

Crime Victim Compensation Reform (VCCR)

  • Provide financial assistance that takes into account the complexity of victims’ cases. Financial assistance to victims should not be time-limited.
  • Reinstate financial assistance for children born as a result of sexual assault. The current law is more restrictive than the previous law, and provides only for child support, whereas the previous law provided for financial assistance of up to 65% of the wage base.
  • Rehabilitate lifetime assistance for victims, with medical justification. For victims who were employed at the time of the crime, Article 41 of the new law limits compensation to a maximum of three years.
  • Reduce inefficient bureaucracy. For example, the IVAC only receives documents by fax, unnecessarily slowing down the administrative process. Slow and inefficient administration is an additional stressor for crime victims.
  • Allow the victim to choose the doctor who will assess their permanent injuries (currently this is not the case, currently the VCI chooses the doctor for the victim).


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