Social Housing 

The GPQ considers housing to be a fundamental right to which everyone should have access. The GPQ believes that state intervention in certain sectors is necessary to ensure that citizens’ rights are respected.

Based on various FRAPRU recommendations, the GPQ proposes to

  • Strengthen the means of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse du Québec to fight against discrimination.
  • Establish a national housing policy to control the harmful practices of the private housing industry.
  • Ensure the construction of 50,000 social housing units per year in Quebec to alleviate the shortage and ensure that these units meet the needs of the most vulnerable tenants.
  • Assist in the construction and renovation of housing on Aboriginal reserves.
  • Increase the budget allocated for the renovation of housing to adapt it to the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Ensure that people with mental health issues are considered in housing policies.
  • Guarantee the right of the population to be housed without paying more than 20% of their salary for housing.
  • Implementation of the nationalization of rental housing

The Green Party of Quebec proposes to expropriate all rental housing owned by real estate companies that have more than 10 units. These units will be paid for at 80% of market value and will become the property of a new government corporation; Habitations Québec.

Eco-responsible housing

In order to facilitate the reduction of Quebecers’ energy needs, the Green Party of Quebec is committed to taking a series of measures to promote eco-responsible housing in Quebec. The GPQ proposes to subsidize the construction of housing that reduces its ecological impact. These financial incentives would be granted if the dwelling has a high-performance insulation envelope, an energy-efficient heating and ventilation system, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, local materials when available, renewable or recyclable materials, etc.

Renovations to existing housing

While the construction of new housing must be regulated, it is imperative to act to increase the energy efficiency of existing housing. A vast subsidy program for ecological renovations must be set up.

Fighting Homelessness

The Green Party of Quebec is committed to actively fighting homelessness, but we also propose downstream solutions for concrete and more effective actions that will have a greater impact in the long term. We believe that government investments must be distributed to all people at risk of homelessness, in the city and in the regions, regardless of age or gender, with special consideration for marginalized people (women, First Nations, LGBTQIA2+, racialized people, etc.). The Green Party of Quebec proposes

  • The introduction of a guaranteed minimum income of $1200 per month.
  • The construction of 50,000 social housing units per year: more accessible for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Implementing measures to ensure the preservation of the stock of rooming houses and developing new ones.
  • Hire more social workers to lighten the system and make more resources available.
  • Emphasize reintegration into employment rather than a punitive system.
  • Reform police training to end social profiling and facilitate a social intervention approach.
  • Develop and invest in community resources for issues related to substance abuse, addiction, mental health, violence, but also adapted to marginalized people; Native
  • Friendship Centres, Women’s Shelters, Youth Centres, LGBTQIA2+ centers, etc.
  • Install public washrooms and water fountains that are accessible to all and available to homeless people.


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