Speech with the candidate from Montarville on the protection of the St. Lawrence River


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, spoke last Friday in Boucherville to introduce the candidacy of Jeanne Dufour, official candidate of the Green Party for the 2022 general election, in the riding of Montarville. Together, they took a public stand on the protection of the St. Lawrence River and on wastewater discharges, which are major issues in the municipality of Boucherville.

The GPQ is pleased to have Jeanne Dufour on its team of dedicated candidates. Only 22 years old, she is entering politics to make a difference and to put into practice her desire to play a role in the political sphere. With a keen interest in the various political issues of our time, Jeanne has been informing herself and advocating for change and sustainable solutions since a young age. Her strong desire to influence the debate and her involvement in various events led her to join the team of the Green Party of Quebec.

During this speech, Alex Tyrrell and Jeanne Dufour emphasized the importance of protecting and preserving water points for the Green Party of Quebec. The leader of the Green Party and his candidate also addressed the issue of untreated wastewater discharges into the river, a problem that has been pointed out by the Rivers Foundation. Together, they reiterated the position of the PVQ by specifying that the party is strictly against any discharge of wastewater into natural waterways. The Green Party of Quebec wants to invest in the energy transition and in the construction of better wastewater treatment infrastructures.

A vote for the Green Party of Quebec is a vote for change

At the Green Party of Quebec we propose a positive and bold vision for Quebec. A project for societý eco-socialist that puts forward the environment, peace, democracy, economic equity and living together in an inclusive Quebec open to the world. Through our 2022 program, the New Green Plan for Quebec, the Green Party of Quebec puts forward an inclusive, promising and positive vision for the future of Quebec.


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