Every day that we do nothing about the climate brings us a little closer to the unpleasantness we are currently experiencing with heat waves. From Guinea to Spain, via the United States, the observation is the same: the heat records follow one another and last longer and longer. According to the Met Office weather agency, the mercury has even exceeded an unprecedented level in the United Kingdom with 40.2 ° C at Heathrow Airport in West London, then 40.3 ° C in Coningsby, a village in northeast England.

These increasingly recurrent phenomena are a cruel reminder that global warming has an undeniable link to the worsening and intensification of these phenomena, which were long isolated. The multiplication and repetition of heat waves are direct consequences of global warming. According to scientists, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing their intensity, duration and frequency.

These heat waves have serious impacts on society, but also on health, especially for the elderly. We will never tire of saying over and over that it is imperative to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We must continue to rethink the way we consume, move and live in order to give future generations a chance to have a future without too many environmental problems and complications.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting biodiversity and the planet, the Green Party of Quebec encourages you to get involved in politics during the provincial elections of October 3, 2022. It is necessary that every Quebecer does his or her part in society to bring about a green, responsible and fair ecological transition for all. The Green Party of Quebec is the only possible choice politically speaking in the next elections to limit the effects of climate change on our children. Get involved with our team before October 3, 2022 so that everyone has a green option in their riding.

Halimatou Bah, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Quebec.


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