Tonight I am in front of the Russian consulate in Montreal to denounce the anti-gay laws put in place by Vladimir Putin.

The actions of the Putin government are unacceptable, dictatorial, and oppressive. Repression, disrespect, and brutality towards Russia’s LGBTQ community are symptoms of a drifting regime that oppresses its minorities, political opponents, and the Russian people.

My message to Mr. Putin is as follows:

Mr. Putin, no matter what power you have, no matter how big the military forces you lead, no matter what laws you pass, and no matter how intolerant of sexual diversity and freedom of expression you are; you will never have the right to oppress your people, imprison your critics, or brutalize your opponents. History will judge you, and your name will be tarnished.
We cannot allow Russia to use the Olympic Games as a global stage to promote the oppression and criminalisation of sexual diversity.

Let us be clear; we will not tolerate the 2014 Olympic Games being open only to heterosexual individuals. We will not tolerate that spectators, and the families of athletes, live these Olympic Games under the threat of being criminalized or imprisoned, and no, we will not turn a blind eye under the pretext of cultural diversity, this time.

If Vladimir Putin is trying to use the games as a springboard to promote his repressive ideas, let us use these games to change thinking and put an end to Russian repression of LGBTQ people.

In 2014, we will force Russia to back down. It is imperative that our governments act by not participating in the Sochi 2014 Games. We can all stand together against oppressive regimes. Let us be united.

In solidarity with the global members of the LGBTQ community,

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec


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