The Green Party of Quebec condemns the decision of the UQAM administration to use the courts, police services and political expulsions to oppress the political expression of its students and professors.

“The actions taken by the provincial government and the UQAM administration are aimed at systematically oppressing the right of expression of students and professors who oppose austerity and who have voted for legitimate strike mandates,” said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

“Whether in university buildings, rectors’ offices or on the streets, the last few years have seen a flagrant decline in the right to dissent, freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly. “said Catherine Lovatt-Smith, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

Injunctions, political expulsions and anti-demonstration laws such as P6 have severely oppressed political expression in Quebec since 2012. “We are criminalizing dissent with these injunctions,” concluded Mr. Tyrrell.

The Green Party of Quebec condemns the UQAM administration’s decision to go back to court to break the strike.


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