“The macho culture of commodification of women’s bodies, the brutal repression of peaceful demonstrations over the weekend and the injection of nearly $20 million are among the reasons why this event should not be held in Quebec,” said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

Year after year this race brings a significant wave of prostitution, violence against protesters and generates profits solely for private companies… with nearly $20 million in public “investment”.

“According to several stakeholders in the field, youth centres are noticing that during the Grand Prix weekend, more young girls are recruited to meet the increased demand for sexual services for foreign tourists,” Tyrell continued.

Is this the kind of “cultural” event we should be funding?

“If the Grand Prix wants to operate in Montreal, private industry must take over and the government must invest the $20 million in the fight for gender equality, health care and education,” concluded Mr. Tyrrell.

Montreal Grand Prix – Public funds, private profits.


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