With regard to the young women who disappeared from the Laval youth centre and beyond the current police operation, the Green Party of Quebec is calling on the Couillard government to fight for the protection of young women, to reinstate sex education classes in our schools, and to develop a concrete plan to fight human trafficking and the exploitation of youth by criminal groups.

It is with regret that we note that the phenomenon of exploitation of young women by street gangs is far from being a new phenomenon.
Indeed, it has been a reality for a long time. If the parents of the missing women had not had the support of the media and the public, we might not even be talking about it right now.

Fortunately, these young women have parents who are present and able to plead for their safety in the public square, because this is far from being the case for many of the children who reside in youth centres.

Quebec society has a profound duty to protect our schools, our youth centres and our program to prevent the exploitation of young people. The importance we attach to the investigation of missing and murdered women must not vary according to the media weight or society’s level of interest in these cases.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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