Today I visited the École Polytechnique nuclear reactor with long-time anti-nuclear activist Dr. Gordon Edwards.

We had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Cornelia Chilian who is in charge of the SLOWPOKE research reactor. Although Dr. Chilian is very supportive of the nuclear industry, we were able to find mixed views on the need to decrease our energy consumption in all forms as quickly as possible.

The École Polytechnique reactor is the only reactor still operating in Quebec. It is located in the heart of the campus where its main function is chemical research for private industry.

The regulation of the nuclear industry in Canada is in jeopardy, particularly since the Harper government’s privatization of the management of radiological waste in 2015.

SNC Lavalin is currently attempting to build a mega nuclear waste dump less than a kilometre from the Ottawa River, which poses an imminent threat to our drinking water.

It is very important to continue the fight against nuclear power around the world and the Green Party of Quebec will continue to stand up against this dangerous, polluting and extremely expensive industry.


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