Today I took part in a demonstration organized by the Chinese community to denounce the racist comments made by a Québec solidaire MNA, Émilise Lessard-Therrien.

It is important to denounce unacceptable comments, whether they are made by individuals or by parties, regardless of whether they come from the right or the left. In this case, Québec Solidaire and the MNA in question had ample time and opportunity to correct their remarks, to say “I apologize” with sincerity and to join the fight against anti-Chinese racism. According to several community members who spoke today, it is still not too late to do so.

I encourage the hon. member and QS to offer a sincere apology as soon as possible because the comments made clearly caused pain for members of the Chinese community, as the number of people at today’s demonstration demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt.

As Quebeckers, we all have a duty to fight racism at all levels and in all spheres of society.

The Green Party of Quebec takes this responsibility seriously and we will continue to be front-line allies in the fight against racism. We will always be committed to a more inclusive Quebec, regardless of the political context.

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

On Sunday, I will speak at this demonstration organized by the Chinese community to denounce the racist comments made by an MNA from Québec Solidaire.

Since the statement in question, the representatives of Québec Solidaire have refused to apologize. They are not interested in understanding how such remarks can be hurtful to the Chinese community, or how these remarks fuel anti-Chinese racism in Quebec.

“The Progressive Chinese in Quebec is organizing a march and rally against racism and xenophobia, following the sinophobic statements made by Émilise Lessard-Therrien, MNA for Québec Solidaire. In her interview with La vie agricole, Lessard-Therrien said the Chinese “have big plans, they’re putting a lot of pressure on us…They haven’t yet bought [farmland] because there are federal mechanisms that prevent them. But they’re walking the line, they’re laying the groundwork to come in eventually…We call them, among ourselves, predators. They are predators of farmland, and we see them, we feel them. “The Chinese community in Quebec interprets these statements as evidence of anti-Chinese racism. »


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