Today we took an areal tour of the Alberta Tar Sands. This industrial project of world conquest proportions has replaced a once thriving Boreal forest with a mixture of toxic surfaces and tailings ponds.

Before coming here in person I knew that things were bad but I can say now that they were worse then I thought.

The environmental movement must continue fighting the tar sands. This project cannot go on. The human and environmental costs are too high. We dont need all this oil, we dont need these terrible jobs and we dont need to continue destroying Alberta’s environment.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

We took a roadside tour of the Alberta Tar Sands this afternoon. We passed through Tar Island and headed up to Fort McKay.

Through the trip the air smelled like horrible petro-chemicals. It was to the point that we should have been wearing gas masks just to drive down the highway.

Every single day workers are put into harms way by being exposed to these horrible chemicals. Anyone who says there are good jobs up here is overlooking the air quality and the health risks involved with this kind of work.

We have reached out to the industry for a tour inside their various facilities. Later in the week we will tour the tar sands and their tailings ponds by small plane.

More info to come!

Alex Tyrrell B.Sc. Env
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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