– Speech at the Taxi Industry Convention –

It was an honour to address the taxi industry convention earlier today in Laval and especially to have received a standing ovation.

In my speech, I highlighted two of the main reasons why the Parti Vert du Québec is strongly opposed to the bill on industry reform.

First of all, this reform of the taxi industry will lead to a deregulation of the number of cars on the road and consequently increase GHG emissions, as taxis will have to drive longer to find customers.

Secondly, as a socialist party we defend workers’ rights and working conditions. We will not hide it; the Legault government is not very favourable to immigration and we know that Quebec’s diversity is very well represented in the taxi industry. Workers should be entitled to dignified working conditions.

Solidarity with the taxi industry!

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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